Licensing options for additional parties

Licensing options for additional parties

Cost sharing

Cost sharing

Cost sharing is a very common practice when photographing interiors and architecture. By bringing in just one additional party to license images from your shoot — before it takes place — you can bring your portion of the overall project costs down. Your savings increase for each additional party brought into the photoshoot for licensing.

Why Cost Share?

It is advantageous to consider other parties who might like to utilize photos of your project: the homeowner, landscape architect, contractor, product manufacturers, lighting companies, and more. Many times these parties will want to obtain licensing usage rights once they have seen the images, but are unaware of the cost advantages of getting involved at the onset of the project.

A 30% licensing fee is added for all parties who agree to Cost Sharing prior to the shoot, resulting in significant savings for each party. Below, I have provided a simple calculator where you can input your estimated line items in order to illustrate the savings-effect Cost Sharing can have as you add in interested parties. Please note, this calculator does not include additional fees such as assistant rate, travel, mileage or meals. I will amend your current estimate if you choose to secure additional licensees.

Split-Fee Agreement

Upon securing additional parties, I will invoice you for the total cost of the project and you will be responsible for invoicing the additional licensee(s). You will have the ability to bill the additional licensees at the traditional "split fee" arrangement (meaning, all licensing parties are responsible for an equal share of the total project costs) or you may come up with your own approach. The beauty is that it is up to you — you own the shoot and can choose what makes sense for your project. Each party will be provided with a separate Usage Agreement.

Cost Sharing VS Third Party Licensing

Should a third party, that was not part of the initial Cost Sharing agreement, want to license the images after the shoot they will be available for no less than $375 per photo (online/web usage only*). As you can see, it is advantageous for interested licensees to Cost Share before the project is photographed.

*Note: Publications are required to license images for print via a separate licensing agreement and cannot be included in the Cost Sharing model.